The school campus reflects many of our priorities and values – responsible use of the environment, a culture of innovation, skillful use of technology, and aesthetically designed physical spaces. The design of the school was finalized through repeated review, a process in which the architects – Georg Leuzinger and Saveri Rajai – involved parents as well as students, to ensure that the opinions of all stakeholders apart from the management were heard and included.

The structure is built with a keen sense of the surroundings and weather patterns to ensure ample ventilation across the campus. Open green spaces, study areas and corridors provide excellent ambience for formal as well as extracurricular learning. This experience is strengthened by a low student-to-teacher ratio and spacious classrooms. All buildings are constructed to be child-friendly, including proper access for those with special needs.


Classroom spaces at HLC International are specifically designed for different kinds of use, at different grade levels. For the pre-primary and primary classes, the classrooms are more centrally aligned, which makes it easier for the teacher to interact actively (and therefore, more reassuringly) with the children. For higher classes, a more directional structure has been used since at this level there is more interaction with the class as a group.

The materials used in construction are also carefully chosen, to make the classroom environment comfortable and engaging. Classrooms and the main study areas are built using two-way meshed walls, with recommended waterproofing. This facilitates good ventilation and allows easy air passage even through walls, and provides a comfortable learning environment.


HLC emphasizes learning by experience, and our labs are therefore an important part of what makes the school unique. We take great care that science, maths, and other subjects are learned through observations of the physical and natural world, and not merely from textbooks. Worksheets for active lab work are prepared before the lab sessions, and children are encouraged to carry out learning experiments independently. They are also encouraged to draw their own inferences, and perfect them through iterative learning.

HLC also houses a state-of-the-art networked computer lab, providing each student with an independent workstation. Students can use the Internet as a tool for learning, as well as for research activities for their lessons and projects. Online learning tools for various subjects are also subscribed to, based on quality and relevance to various subjects, based on recommendations by the teachers and the management.


We believe that libraries must foster learning, and encourage children to actively seek new knowledge in various forms. The large library includes material that is sourced widely, and – more importantly – we will encourage children to scour through every inch of it! The students can use the library for academic work, as well as for leisure and fun. Our goal is to ensure that students see the library as an integral part of a life of learning, providing both scholarship and enjoyment.

The library includes material in different formats – not merely the usual books and journals, but audio and video material, as well as subscription services to online media that facilitates a broad canvas for learning. We will also regularly schedule ‘Learning in the library’ sessions, during which digital media is used as a form of instruction, so that students naturally think of the library as an extension of their classroom lives.

We have also built our classrooms in a way that brings some aspects of the library into them. Reference material and other inputs pertinent to specific classes and topics are handily available in classrooms.

Sports Infratructure

Schools are more than the places our children go to for learning – they are also the physical environments in which they spend much of their growing lives, and it is important, therefore, that their physical strength and stamina should also be nurtured during school time. HLC has developed a sports curriculum that is alert to this need, and also uses a robust system of measurement for sporting skill, interest and achievement. We encourage children to feel comfortable with their experience of sport, and we promote team events as well as individual sports. We also encourage children who are eager to take up sports competitively, but we do not pressure other children to meet those same competitive standards.

The current Kancheepuram district basketball girls under 13 team is made up almost entirely by HLC girls. We support and encourage playing basketball above all other sports. Besides developing two basketball courts, we have a soccer pitch, home of Magogany Football team. Apart from these, a number of indoor sports – chess, carom, pandi, kabadi etc. – will also be taught and encouraged.

Theater, Music and Arts

HLC includes a full-fledged Center for the Arts, which will be a place of learning the performing arts for our students, and also a center for staging performances by artistes. The Center will teach music and dance, and also organize workshops for drama and theater. Special events hosting invited eminent persons will also be held in this facility.

An amphitheater of the Center, built into the quadrangle between the classrooms, will also host smaller performances, and be a practice area for artistic learning by students. An audio-visual lab and development center is also planned for the Center in the future.

HLC is also developing strategic partnerships with various cultural institutions to bring the vast Indian cultural panorama to students. The Center for the Arts will be the creative hub of HLC, hosting and promoting activities throughout the year. The Center will also work with neighbourhood and civic organisations to host their events, and to further emphasise the breadth of learning available at HLC.


The school provides an efficient transport system of its own, networked across South Chennai to facilitate pick-up and drop-off of students. The time table and route map of the transport system is available here.

The student pick-up/boarding areas include – but are not limited to- Adyar, Besant Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, Indira Nagar, Thirvanmiyur, Velachery, Valmiki Nagar, Kottivakkam, Palavakkam, and Thoraipakkam. New students applying to HLC, however, will have to reside within the service area (click here to see the service area) to avail school-offered bus service. For detailed route info, please click here.