HLC International [Registration Number IN842, Application Number: IN10061604] prepares students for the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint (5th Grade), Secondary 1 (8th Grade), IGCSE (10th Grade)[International General Certificate of Secondary Examination] and AS and A Levels (12th Grade) curriculum prescribed by Cambridge International Examination [CIE]. HLC is a CIE registered examination centre. To know more about CIE, visit http://www.cie.org.uk

Cambridge IGCSE encourages learner-centred and enquiry-based approaches to learning. It develops learners’ skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving, giving them an excellent preparation for the next stage in their education. Clearly defined learning outcomes and content, mean Cambridge IGCSE is internationally relevant and sensitive to different needs and cultures.

HLC International is also a NIOS Acredited Academic Institution (Reg No: 190106). The NIOS follows the National Curriculum Framework, which means that in the core 7 subjects, it is no different from CBSE or ICSE. However, it differs from these two syllabi by offering tremendous flexibility to the learner. The learner can have the option to take any number and combination of subjects and is also allowed to stagger the assessments over 5 years, giving the learner the autonomy required to take assessments at his or her convenience. NIOS is both futuristic and flexible, making it a natural choice for HLC students wanting to continue their higher education in India.

Cambridge IGCSE Curriculum


Cambridge IGCSE develops learner knowledge, understanding and skills in:

  • subject content
  • applying knowledge and understanding to familiar and new situations
  • intellectual enquiry
  • flexibility and responsiveness to change
  • working and communicating in English
  • influencing outcomes
  • cultural awareness


Assessment for Cambridge IGCSE usually takes place at the end of the two-year course [9th and 10th class] and includes written and oral tests, coursework and practical assessment. HLC will excercise its options of assessing learners using only external examinations or, in most subjects, combining examinations with coursework depending on individual capabilities. Coursework will be set and marked by HLC’s teachers – only those who meet CIE’s criteria for coursework assessment – and externally moderated by CIE.

HLC’s Teachers will undergo CIE training to meet coursework assessment criteria and to facilitate learning effectively in their classrooms. In most subjects there is a choice between core and extended curricula, making IGCSE suitable for a wide range of abilities. Each learner’s performance is benchmarked using eight internationally recognised grades. There are clear guidelines which explain the standard of achievement for different grades. Cambridge IGCSE examination sessions occur twice a year, in May/June and October/November. Results are issued in August and January. To know more about Cambridge’s IGCSE, visit their website http://www.cie.org.uk.

NIOS Curriculum


Evaluation and Assessment are integral to any teaching-learning system. The Government of India in 1990 vested NIOS with the authority to examine and certify students up to pre-degree level, and thus, NIOS became one of the National Boards of Examination. It is the only Board which conducts two full-fledged examinations every year during April/May and October/Novermber. NIOS has been conducting its public examinations since 1991.

The NIOS is a National Board for Secondary and Senior Secondary Examinations similar to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE).

To know more about NIOS’ Assessment and Evaluation Procedure, visit their website.

HLC Pedagogy

When it comes to allowing children to explore the frontiers of knowledge and skills, we see and set no limits. We offer them every help, in every possible form books, audio-visuals, talks, travel and lots more.

Thanks to this approach to limitless learning, our students remain open-minded, creative, and confident inside and outside the school, in their interaction with other children as well as adults.

This idea has also led us to create NimbleKits, a pioneering company in educational research. NimbleKits’ course content has been introduced in nearly all the established IGCSE/CBSE/ICSE and Matriculation schools in Chennai and elsewhere in Tamil Nadu. Through NimbleKits, HLC sought to keep the pedagogy relevant, evolving and exciting.

HLC also conducts continuous research in teaching methodologies. All the annual / monthly / weekly learning plans are continually calibrated to meet the class-room challenges every day.

HLC students take part in projects on topics of their choice, in consultation with Academic Researchers and Advisors. These topics span both academic terms. They help students learn to research topics, collate and organize information and present it to a forum. We believe that such activities make learning enjoyable and assessment measurable.

Each activity has been carefully designed to enhance a set of abilities. For instance, Show ‘N’ Tell enhances the ability to confidently speak on a topic in front of others, ability to face questions, ability to succinctly summarize content, etc.

Elina, our Resource Centre offers opportunities to mainstream students in appreciating differences among people; it also seeks to enhance their ability to deal with such differences.