Teach at HLC

You are invited to submit a resume, a few references if you’ve taught earlier and a brief statement of educational philosophy. Help us get to know you better by telling us in a cover letter (no more than one-and-a-half pages, total): ‘What led you to become a teacher?’ and ‘What has been your most rewarding moment as an educator to date?’

Please send your application to teaching AT headstartschool DOT org, with subject: ‘Tutor applying to HLC‘.

Call 99628 05259 to make an appointment. Please bring your certificates along on the appointment date.

HLC is very learner-centric, so applicants should be able to adapt teaching to suit different learning levels and styles. Excellent organizational skills and teamwork are a must.


For Chennai School (day-scholars-only Centre):

– English and English Literature and World History
– Mathematics and Statistics
– Physics
– Geography and Environmental Management


For Kodaikanal Centre – (Grades 8 to 12, IGCSE Curriculum ONLY and residential ONLY)

If you are excited by the idea of reimagining education and building a learn-driven individualised education and love the idea of residential co-education, apply soon. We can’t wait to hear from you.

We are seeking applicants for the following subjects:

– English
– Physics
– Chemistry
– Biology
– Business Studies, Economics and Accounting
– Art and Music
– French / German

The value proposition of joining HLC, a social incubation centre:

We are a centre of many centres, an institution that enables its team members to explore their own creativity and develop their social ideas into potential market-offerings. We are India’s first Ashoka Changemaker school, recognised by Ashoka Foundation USA as a school that builds empathy in the student body and develops service offerings that often prove to be invaluable to society. All new recruits will have the opportunity to pursue their own interests, besides their teaching roles, either in these Centres  or in others that articulate and demonstrate their value to society.


We currently have 5 such Centres:

Elina (Special Education Resource Centre): For 22 years, we’ve been an inclusive school, offering special education services alongside mainstream curricular learning.. Elina is now ready to offer its own services to schools everywhere and is looking to build national influence by developing strategies for rural and urban schools everywhere in India. Click here to know more.


Kognify (an Artificial Intelligence Marketplace):

Kognify is an engine that identifies correlation among gaps in learning and makes useful recommendations. It has been incubated at HLC for the past 6 years and is now ready to serve Cambridge schools around the world in academic year 2017-18.  It is also being used by College of Optometry (Affiliated to Manipal University), and very soon will have individualised workouts for students studying in the UK under the Cambridge Syllabus as well as those preparing for the CPT exams in India in year 2018. Click here to know more.

Karthavyam (public-problem-solving diploma):

Students graduating from class 12 across India have very little understanding of their role in community development and public problems. Karthavyam, is a public problem solving diploma for school going children to identify social problems, understand their causes and consequences and modal solutions to overcome them. Currently, Karthavyam is introduced to many schools across Tamilnadu. Click here to know more.



Everyone doesn’t get an equitable education due to the circumstances or  environment in which they are born. Militvaa, Collboration for Common Good, is our outreach program, the help and support group which facilitates learning opportunities to everyone, not just for school children and not only in schools. This group is in its first year and it has done some exceptional work for the street children of Kannagi Nagar. It has also begun English language teaching through Phoenix in Government schools by training volunteers, and paired urban teachers with rural counterparts to facilitate engaging learning opportunities for all children. Click here to know more.



Sports in India isn’t played with camaraderie or with the spirit of sportsmanship; even school children are told that it is ok to alter their age or influence decision makers. We wanted to change this practice and teach sportsmanship and collaboration values. HLC Explorers is currently leading such change in Kancheepuram district and HLC students form the core team of the Kancheepuram district team. HLC coach is also the current district coach. Click here to know more.


Our achievements and recognitions are:

  • We are amongst India’s first cohort of Ashoka Changemaker schools (recognised by Ashoka Foundation, USA) for leading transformation in education through our high focus on building an empathetic student body.
  • We have offered inclusive education for all 22 years of our existence and are very well recognised in the city for our work on inclusive education. We have now been invited by TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) to develop the guideline document for Inclusive Education across South India.
  • We are a core member in an education policy influence group that is co organised by Ashoka Foundation INDIA.

Our facebook page facebook.com/HLCSchool captures every activity of the learning centre in Chennai in great detail. All the other Centres have their own social pages on Facebook as well. Through these mediums, we share what we develop and bring communities together. The binding factor at HLC is that we trust each other and enable and support one another by building relationships to achieve our goals and not just have a task-oriented approach to work. Besides a rigorous engagement as Teachers, our team members also play leading roles in each of the Centres and everyone works on all school activities without limitation.

We welcome applicants that are energetic, enthusiastic, and eager to learn. Children need a variety of experiences to be able to find themselves and develop their own ideas, and we see our role as enabling and supporting children in their learning journey.

The attitudes and abilities we seek:

  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Commitment
  • Collaboration
  • Conscientiousness (Efficient, Organised, and Neat)
  • Knowledge
  • Language Skills