Talk About Learning and Education in Schools (TALES)

On 01 Dec, 2018: 

GUEST: Dr. Bhavanishankar Subramanian (Head Of School, LALAGI MEMORIAL OMEGA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL)
TIMING:: 10 am to 12 noon
LOCATION: HLC, the Social Incubation Centre

Heads of School that attended this dialog:

Ms. Hamsapriya, Mahatma Schools, Madurai
Ms. Hema Nagarajan, PSBB, Chennai
Ms. Gowri Shiv Shankar, Harishree Vidyashram
Ms. Sindu, Kids Central, Chennai
Mr Narendra, GGN International, Chennai
Ms. Prabha, Akshara Arbol, Chennai
Mr. Ashok, Budding Minds International
Mr. John Abraham, Crescent International
Ms. Rajalakshmi, Formula 5 kids

and many others…

Points we discussed on 01 Dec 2018


  1. Where are tomorrow’s job opportunities
  2. How will college courses be different in the future in order to prepare young adults for tomorrow’s jobs
  3. What about changes in the curricula with respect to the changing college requirements
  4. How will classroom instructions eventually be in the future schools


  1. Challenges perceived while travelling from a larger pedagogical view to the last mile implementation in the class room
  2. Importance of organising trials before large scale implementation.


  1. To / for Parents and Visitors
  2. To / for the children
  3. To / for society
  4. Of Data
  5. Of Infrastructure


Some of the points we’ve discussed in earlier dialogs:


  • What are some of the past practices that we must nurture and consider while forging ahead. 
  • What is still relevant in the older philosophies, like Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia and other Philosophies that must be carried forward into the future


  • What are some current trends that look promising and will influence the future better
  • There are more products and services in education today than ever before
  • Schools are recognising how others outside their immediate ecosystem, (experts from other fields) can enrich their facilitation.
  • Volume of learning content
  • Time and Space available for learning
  • Less Exam Focus and more focus on learning
  • Self reliance was greater
  • Earlier, we valued schools and teachers for building skills and imparting knowledge, now we hold them accountable for the same things.


  • China now publishes more science research than US, what does this say about how we must reorient ourselves?
  • What about Finland and Singapore. What can we learn from them?
  • Which current trends should we try and scale together for greater success?
  • How can schools with far more students adopt nimble ideas and strategies and include other’s work without being bottlenecks themselves.
  • How do we enable the spirit of pursuit of excellence as opposed to competition among our children


After a very large turn out for our first series of dialogs in 2015, we were encouraged to hold more talks on Learning. Every year since, they have covered the different initiatives we’ve incubated, how we make learning visible and why we believe in a wholesome education that covers conservation and sustainability in depth. This year, we have had discussions primarily around the Future of Education and Learning and how education must be modular, decentralised, student selected and expert powered.

OPEN TO ALL (but first 60 registered attendees ONLY)

Our dialogs are usually open to all, but the first 60 registered attendees only.  They have been especially useful to young parents. The TALES dialog on 01 Dec, 2018 was open to very few members of the public who registered early. The application for it was closed early in order to accommodate Heads of Schools from Chennai and other cities in Tamil Nadu.

All dialogs are hosted by HLC’s Managing Trustee, Mr. Naveen Mahesh and Vice Principal, Mrs. Raaji Naveen. Naveen and Raaji Founded, an eco-system for continuous learning.

Note that our dialogs are not for soliciting admission to HLC or to schools which our guests represent.