We are a social incubation centre, where all the initiatives are united in a common purpose: to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. We wish to encourage our students to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners.

Learning Like It Matters


Beyond 8: Young adults can assume a meaningful place in a high-skills high-knowledge economy only when the general education imparted to them in school and college ensures that they thrive in adulthood. However, this conventional view that their education empowers them is no more true. We need an alternate, and relevant way to ensure that all children will thrive; one where their education is complete only when they’ve developed the attitudes, knowledge and skills required to thrive in the 21st century.

Beyond 8 is a learner-led, modular, expert powered, decentralised learning ecosystem.

Learning is for everyone

Elina (Special Education Resource Centre): For 22 years, we’ve been an inclusive school, offering special education services alongside mainstream curricular learning.. Elina is now ready to offer its own services to schools everywhere and is looking to build national influence by developing strategies for rural and urban schools everywhere in India.

AI Learning Marketplace


Kognify is an engine that identifies correlation among gaps in learning and makes useful recommendations. It makes learning simple easy and relevant. It has been incubated at HLC since March 2014 and it now serves Cambridge schools, and CBSE schools around the world. Kognify is also being used by colleges and exam training centres that are seeking greater learning outcomes for their students. Kognify received very good recognition recently from College of Optometry, Sankara Nethralaya, (Affiliated to Sastra University) where its final year students did exceedingly well and the college went on to publish a research paper citing the role of Kognify as critical in achieving learning outcomes

Public Problem Solvers

Students graduating from class 12 across India have very little understanding of their role in community development and public problem solving. Karthavyam, is a public problem solving diploma for school going children to identify social problems, understand their causes and consequences and modal solutions to overcome them. They also story tell their solutions in the end. The diploma is building capacity among school going children to think of themselves as problem solvers and engage is social work in a methodical and designed manner. Many schools, colleges and now Universities are excited to do Karthavyam in their campuses.

Sporting Integrity

Sports in India isn’t played with camaraderie or with the spirit of sportsmanship; even school children are told that it is ok to alter their age or influence decision makers. We wanted to change this practice and teach sportsmanship and collaboration values. Explorers teaches these values through the game of Basketball. Today Explorers is leading such change in Kancheepuram district and is even selecting the Kancheepuram girls team in both the under 13 and under 16 categories. There are over 150 children training with the Explorers in 10 gated communities in south Chennai and we are constantly expanding the network and reach of our work.

Collaborate for Common Good

Everyone doesn’t get an equitable education due to the circumstances or  environment in which they are born. Militvaa, Collboration for Common Good, is our outreach program, the help and support group which facilitates learning opportunities to everyone, not just for school children and not only in schools. This group is in its first year and it has done some exceptional work for the street children of Kannagi Nagar. It has also begun English language teaching through Phoenix in Government schools by training volunteers, and paired urban teachers with rural counterparts to facilitate engaging learning opportunities for all children.

Managing Trustee: Naveen Mahesh
Trustee: Ravi Kannan
Trustee: C.N.U Maheswaran
Trustee: Y. Ananthanaryanan

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