HLC's Theory of Community Learning

Everyone has the interest and intellect to learn, however, the circumstances in which we are born more or less decide what opportunities come our way and what don’t. But every now and again, a few of us have the opportunity to improve other’s learning opportunities. This is what we are attempting to do through Militvaa. In Sanskrit, it means, “together”. In tamil, the word is ‘Kalandhu’. We strive to bring better quality education “together” with students, teachers and community members to children everywhere.

Militvaa Innovation Fund

Our children are growing up in a world that needs pioneers and innovators, people with passion to look for the problems that confront our society and constantly seeking solutions that benefit the common good. Hence, we wish to encourage our children to take the lead in raising awareness of local and global issues through a for-profit social entrepreneurship business model.

We believe our children are capable to create good ideas if we could try and provide opportunities to nurture the desire and empathy required to make positive change happen. Thus began “The Militvaa Innovation Fund”. In brief, each child was given Rs. 500 as their seed capital / start up loan. With this money as their project investment, they had to make a business plan based on their imagination and resourcefulness.

In a short period (from 1st Dec 2016 to 31st Dec, 2016), our Grade 6 students raised Rs. 35000, from our seed money of Rs. 15,000/-/ . While keep good records, they’ve also learnt plenty from this fundraiser. An expense work sheet was given to each student and they had to account how the given capital was used with all the expenses and receipts of money with supporting bills and vouchers. No loans or additional money was taken from parents or friends.


Ms. Shazia Akbar

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