HLC's Theory of Collaboration and Sportsmanship

School children are often taught to play a sport, but they are often also taught that it is ok to falsify their age or be selected without trials. Sports needn’t be this way. Children must be taught to deal with losses as much as they are encouraged to be successful. Teaching them that recognition at all cost is undoing not only the sport, but more harmfully, the fabric of our society.

Children need to be taught collaboration, camaraderie, magnanimity, skill, rigor and so many other values and sports makes all this possible, while being enjoyable too.


We began by setting up Explorers, our basketball club in academic year 2013-14, when just one child joined the club for daily training. Today, in just 3 years, there are over 50 children enrolled in the Explorers training programme. This has been possible because of the recognition we’ve gathered in playing in the spirit of sportsmanship and recognising and developing skills in children. Both in 2015 and in 2016, we organised Hoops of Fire, our annual basketball tournament, and invited many schools to think about all the values of playing a sport.

In 2015, a few of our talented children also got selected to play for the district, and in 2016, both our school coach was selected to lead the district team and also starting 5 players for the under 14 girls team were all from our school.

We are gathering momentum to build a strong sporting league and include all school going children in our district (Kancheepuram) to play the sport well and fairly.


Ganesh Prabhu

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