HLC's Principles on Education for All

Young adults can assume a meaningful place in a high-skills high-knowledge economy only when the general education imparted to them in school and college ensures that they thrive in adulthood. However, this conventional view that their education empowers them is no more true.

We need an alternate, and relevant way to ensure that all young adults will thrive; one where their education is complete only when they’ve developed the attitudes, knowledge and skills required to thrive in the 21st century.

Beyond 8 is an alternative to conventional schools

Designed for motivated students that are looking for an education system that ensures they excel both in their interests and academic careers.

It provides time and academic support

Student Athletes need an education system that will allow them to balance their training, tournament and travel schedules with their academic goals and needs.

The Missing Link

  • We need a repository of problem solving ideas in various domains.
  • We need more awareness of problem solving techniques and approaches.
  • We need to tie children and societies’ needs with things children and societies must do.

Project Introduction

Millions of people resort to actions that give instant gratiNication and/or immediate response, but these are without thought or plan. These have led to an irreversible dent within us and in the world we live in. ReNlecting on our approach becomes impossible if we are forced to produce materials and churn them out quickly. This is true in our academic settings as well as our work places. While there are signiNicant efforts being taken to ensure children develop intellectually, there aren’t equally big initiatives that develop the character of the child – like our 7i (Integrity, Intuition, Interaction, Initiative, Inquiry, Imagination, and Identity) Initiative. Facilitating their development in adults becomes near impossible, however, if they are cultivated in young children, society stands to beneNit from their abilities continuously.

We believe that this younger generation can be nurtured in our initiative ‘Karthavyam’.

Karthavyam aims to design and develop a 5-month diploma program in collaboration with K. Ramnath Chandrasekhar, an award-winning nature photographer and conservation educator from Chennai. This program will facilitate complex problem solving by enabling young changemakers through storytelling and photography.

Reach and Expected Outcome

  • A first-of-its-kind educational module will be developed using design thinking to understand complex social issues and enable change using the power of storytelling and photography.
  • The story books that will be produced by students will inspire thousands of other children to take initiative to understand social issues and explore the intrinsic art of storytelling.
  • The exhibition will be a hub for participating students to present their work to the larger world.
  • The documentation of the program will inspire thousands of students, teachers and parents to imbibe the 7is (Integrity, intuition, interaction, imagination, initiative, inquiry, identity) through storytelling and photography.

Long Term

Using the instructional manual and accompanying tutorials, we will try to scale this initiative to as many schools as possible (To private as well as Government run schools) The outcomes will also equip and guide an army of teachers in teaching the 7iS through storytelling and photography.

Naveen Mahesh

EMAIL: [email protected]

WEBSITE: www.beyond8.in

PHONE: 99625 35780