We are sure your child will. Children derive joy from activities they feel involved in, by creating something on their own, by showcasing them and their work, by being encouraged to do what they like to do and by being noticed for their efforts. At HLC, there is camaraderie among not only the students but also among teachers and students. The children understand the enthusiasm with which a teacher comes into their class, the effort the teacher has put in to guide them through the knowledge maze. This appreciation makes the children feel responsible for all the activities in which they participate.

With an average of 1 teacher for every 6 children, we are well equipped to attend to each child’s needs. Besides, we provide individualised workouts for our learners on Kognify, our online learning tool. It creates personalised workouts based on performance data, individual’s profile and teacher’s inputs. We use the data from Kognify to further personalise learning and support children in developing competencies in the learning gaps Kognify identifies.

In most classes, there are 30 children.

All teaching is about facilitating learning. HLC’s objectives in education are to enrich children’s lives by providing an environment in which they can explore and discover. All learning is kept practical and valid. We strongly believe that there must be a clear connection between what is taught and its real world application. Children work on numerous projects right through the year – some with parents, some with teachers and many by themselves. Learning is not random. Although there is plenty of scope for the children to explore and experiment, it is in tune with what their grade level demands. Also, each year, we organize lots of field trips, guest lectures and outstation trips to supplement classroom learning.

Over the years, HLC has acquired a reputation for constantly innovating teaching methods to facilitate better learning. Our methodology focuses on ‘inquiry-based activity-oriented’ learning rather than ‘knowledge-based’ coaching. We have never shied away from sharing our ideas with parents and educationists alike.

If children are confident that we will only nurture and encourage them to think and experiment (with adequate caution, of course!), they will feel free to innovate and attempt to tread territories not traversed yet. Their curiosity about the world around them remains boundless. In fact, it grows. We aim to sustain their interests by continuously offering them challenging and motivating work. We hope that each Headstarter will discover his or her life’s calling and not just end up in a job, later in life.

7i Initiative

The 7i Initiative is an self reflection tool developed by HLC, for monitoring development of 7 attitudes we believe to be essential: Integrity, Interaction, Intuition, Initiative, Inquiry, Imagination and Identity. We ask every learner to maintain a reflective journal of their own attitude development.

We also have an Arts Based Therapy (AbT) program that compliments the 7i Initiative. This form of therapy is practiced in a structured format over a period of 3 months in every academic year to achieve significant results in the child. The experience of self inquiry via stories, drama, poetry, dance, music, paintings, clay and body movements allows children to understand themselves in the context of their peers. It is conducted both individually and in a group (depending on the needs of the children).

We constantly monitor if we are making clear connections between what is taught, the reason why it is taught and how that learning must be assessed. Our teachers interact and share views frequently to make sure that all assessments remain purposeful and encouraging. We create marking schemes for all assessments. And we mark answers in a manner that is both consistent and encouraging.


Another of our social incubations, Kognify, a unique and personal learning tool that identifies gaps in learning and correlates them to make meaningful recommendations. Our students get to do personal workouts every weeknight.

Currently, Kognify is available as a progressive web app online at www.kognify.com. We not only support our learners in the IGCSE stream, but we enable lots of CBSE schools around the country in teaching the CBSE curriculum and the ICSE curriculum. There are both diagnostic assessments and workouts. Workouts are available in packages, as personalisation and individualisation requires a thorough understanding of the learner. Assessments, however, are prepackaged by topics and learners may search by topics and take practice assessments right from within the website. Kognify is quick and easy to use and is relevant to class room learning.

Kognify is also being  used by College of Optometry of The Sankara Nethralaya Institutions in Chennai for assessing the progress of its learners in their final year of under graduation. A few exam training centres too use Kognify.

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Yes, we understand that children are at varying cognitive levels and may have different learning styles. We try to offer every concept through different classroom techniques to make sure that all the children have learnt.

Yes. we are an inclusive learning centre. We admit differently-abled children (in popular parlance, children with learning and physical disabilities). However, mainstream learning is the core focus area of the learning centre and most of our children are mainstream learners.

In short, at HLC, over 70% are mainstream learners and 15% come from economically challenged families. The remaining 15% are differently-abled learners.

[email protected]

Over 50% of our teachers are also parents of HLC. We want all parents to spend as much of their available time with us.  We encourage parents to share with us their observations on their children’s growth. We seek interaction with parents frequently yet in a non-obtrusive way. There is a very regular program called [email protected], where parents spend a half day at our learning centre doing various activities along with the children and the teachers. This helps them get to know us better and understand what makes HLC tick the way it does. Parents also spend an hour with the Principal/Vice Principal/Trustees based on who is available to meet them on any given Tuesday.

[email protected] is managed entirely by Mr. Venkatesh, a parent. We encourage all parents to register for [email protected] You may write to [email protected] to reach out to Mr. Venkatesh.

We also encourage the parents to constantly interact with us and suggest ways to further improve our standards and learning methodologies. We are always open to suggestions, feedback and constructive criticism. Any parent can seek an appointment and meet the Principal any time of the year.

NO. We only have a recommended dress code. We do, however, provide a sports dress to be worn for sporting events.

First and foremost, we believe that children must develop as citizens that contribute to a happy, healthy and vibrant society. This is why we incubated and developed Karthavyam, a public problem-solving diploma for our middle school learners.

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