You’ll find on this page copies of documents we wish to share with parents of children enrolled in our Learning Centres. If at any time, you are unable to download a file, please notify us by writing to comm AT headstartschool DOT org. Also if a file is unavailable for download and you believe there is reason to have it downloadable from our website, please seek it by writing to the same email address mentioned above.

These are sample letters received by CIE from Indian Universities and State Governments acknowledging their acceptance of students graduating from CIE examinations.

Some of the leading Universities in India have provided their entry criteria for admission to their under graduate programs for CIE’s A level (Class 12) graduates.

Provided here are the links to all the application forms (in waiting list) for learning at HLC. If you wish to apply to HLC, first check our “Enrollment” link to check if grade level availability exists. Only if the Grade to which you are seeking admission is unavailable and you’ve been directed to download it from here should you fill the appropriate form from here and snail mail it to us.

PLEASE NOTE: As Admission are CLOSED for 2018-19 academic year, the application you send us via snail mail will merely be collected and kept on file unless we’ve directed you to do so via email. We will review all applications in the order received during December of 2018 when existing parents are requested to confirm their children’s continuation at HLC for academic year 2019-20. Applicants on file will be required to take an admission entry assessment in Nov-Dec 2018 and offered an admission where availability exists in January 2019.

Private Candidates

If you don’t attend a Cambridge school, you can still enter our exams as a private candidate.

We accept private candidates, so register with us by completing the form (see link) to take the Cambridge exams at our Centre. You are responsible for making your own arrangements to get to the exam on time and if you have any exam-related queries, such as special arrangements, please mention them in your application.

Some syllabuses or options are not available to private candidates, and this is detailed in the specific syllabus under the ‘availability’ heading in CIE’s own website.

Note that our Centre name or number will not appear on certificates issued to private candidates.