Dear Parent/Guardian,


Please complete this consent form. It is mandatory to submit this form for your child to participate in all HLC organised/initiated events/field trips where your child may need to leave our premises in Karanai.

  • I grant permission for my child to participate in this field trip event that requires him/her leaving the school's premises. This activity will take place under the guidance and direction of employees and/or Volunteers from school only.
  • As parent and/or legal guardian, I remain legally responsible for any personal actions taken by the above named minor participant.
  • I agree on behalf of myself, my child/participant named herein, or our heirs, successors and assigns, to hold harmless and defend HLC, its officers, directors and agents, and any other representatives associated with the event, from any and all actions, claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses and all consequential damage arising from or in connection with the participant attending the event/trip or in connection with any illness or injury or cost of medical treatment in connection therewith, and I agree to compensate HLC, its officers, directors and agents, or representatives associated with the event/trip for expenditure incurred to get the participant any urgent medical care it deems fit and administers.
  • I hereby warrant that to the best of my knowledge, my child is in good health, and I assume all responsibility for the health of my child.
  • In the event of an emergency, I hereby give permission to transport my child to a hospital for emergency medical or surgical treatment.
  • I wish to be advised prior to any further treatment by the hospital or doctor. In the event of an emergency and you are unable to reach me at the above numbers, contact :
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.