Brihaspati-Through debate, we empower. This initiative was started by the debating league in HLC. They wanted to provide a platform for debaters to learn and improve their skills in a non-competitive platform. Our debaters believe that the pursuit of excellence always triumphs over competition and the debating model closely reflects this.

Brihaspati is an annual inter-school debate conference with a unique twist. In the Hindu mythology, “Brihaspati” is the Guru of Gods and the bestower of knowledge. Throughout this conference, we hope our students continue to learn various aspects of debating and become more knowledgeable when they leave.

What is the unique twist?

Schools will register in two teams of five speakers. They will specify the order in which the speakers will debate. They
will be put in to teams with members from other schools in a random order. This will mean that individuals from
different schools will be on the same team.
The main purpose of doing this is to promote collaboration and students will be judged accordingly. Since we do not
promote the concept of competition, awards will be given across various categories.

Brihaspati Celebrations

Students will receive awards in the following categories:

  • Most Collaborative Team
  • Second Most Collaborative Team
  • Most Professional Team
  • Best Speaker
  • Best Rebuttal
  • Special Mention
  • Most Unique Perspectives Brought