Returning to school to resume in-person learning requires great care and planning. This is exactly what we've been working on for the past few weeks. Meticulously, using best practices from around the world, we've identified ways in which we can invite our students back to campus.

This involves students learning in bubbles in open areas around the campus for a few hours a day to begin with. All our plans and notifications will be communicated to Bubble Parents as we get closer to a start date. Each family will have the final say on their children coming to campus for in-person learning; we will support remote learning as we have done, for anyone not wishing to come to campus until later.

We want to hear from you. Please use the form below to share your ideas. According to a research conducted at Stanford, MIT and Columbia, every organisation exists together in various states of balance and consistency, what is called "Fit". The higher the degree of fit - or congruence - among the various stakeholders, the more effective organisations were. It is our constant endeavour to get 'fitter'. That's perhaps why we are an Ashoka Changemaker institution. Also, culture developing organisation's building effort is endless. So we'd like to believe that you want to add to what we do and this is why we want your inputs.



While we are taking every precaution to ensure there is safety in the Learning Bubbles on campus, we may have overlooked some elements that you are aware of. Please read through the plan fully and suggest your ideas only if we've missed them ourselves.

Also, please note that this is our preparation for resuming in-person learning, and requires our collective effort. And the actual start date is dependent on permission to restart from Tamil Nadu Government.

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