For HLC Learners

Please fill out the form below to register for your examinations. You may reach out to Examinations Officers, Mr. Sriram or Mr. Ravi, should you need any clarification before submitting the form.

For Private Candidates

If you don’t attend a Cambridge school, you can still enter our exams as a private candidate.

We accept private candidates, so register with us by completing the form (see link) to take the Cambridge exams at our Centre. You are responsible for making your own arrangements to get to the exam on time and if you have any exam-related queries, such as special arrangements, please mention them in your application.

Some syllabuses or options are not available to private candidates, and this is detailed in the specific syllabus under the ‘availability’ heading in CIE’s own website.

Note that our Centre name or number will not appear on certificates issued to private candidates.

  • Please provide the full name you wish to have printed in your CIE Exam Results Certificates. Birth Certificate must reflect the same name, if not, this application will not be submitted to CIE.
  • Please upload a copy of your Birth Certificate. HLC learners are not required to provide this as it is already in our files.
  • Examination subjects you wish to appear for (please separate syllabi by adding additional rows and indicate their correct subject codes). Exam Sessions field must provide month and year: eg: May 2017 EXEMPLAR: Physics, 0625 (components P2,P4, P6) , Yes/No, Yes/No). Chose "Yes" against Carry forward when the subject is split across multiple exam sessions
    Subject NameSubject Code (Component Options)RetakeCarry Forward 
    Add a new row
  • Provide candidate number, session and center ID for each retake and carry forward in a separate line
  • See the links below to find your subject’s codes:

    Middle School Subjects
    Upper Secondary Subjects

    For SECONDARY Checkpoint Papers, please enter subject codes as follows (Checkpoint exam is unavailable for private candidates):
    • 1111 for English
    • 1112 for Mathematics, and
    • 1113 for Science

    Note that HLC is currently authorized by CIE to offer only those subjects that we've already enrolled our students in. We maintain a google document that provides a broad overview of the IGCSE programme and AS and A2 Level programme that we offer and list of subjects offered at each of these levels. Please click here to view the document.

    Should you wish to appear for another subject not listed on these two documents, please notify us early by writing to exams AT headstartschool DOT org, in order for us to get the necessary authorization from CIE quickly.