Admission is OPEN for Grade 1 and Beyond 8 (IGCSE, A Levels, AP, NIOS) in 2020-21 Academic Year.

Admission for Academic Year 2020-21.

We are a Social Incubation Centre. To nurture good initiatives and built on them, we MUST remain small ourselves. And we value the quality of our relationships more than the volume of relations we nurture; only then can we bring about transformative social change. Also, being small allows us to be nimble and offer a broad range of learning opportunities for all learners.

We usually have a small number of vacancies across classes, so if you wish to admit your child at HLC, please apply early. All applications are reviewed ONLY in the order received.

Grade Time of receiving application Time of processing application
Will be opened again in Jan if vacancies arise
Currently being processed
Grade 1 OPEN.
Currently inviting applications
Grades 2-8 CLOSED.
Will be opened again in Jan if vacancies arise
Currently being processed
Beyond 8 Enrolment OPEN Jan – Feb, 2020

Kindergarten, Primary and Middle School
from HLC, the Social Incubator
High School Equivalence (IGCSE, A Levels, AP and NIOS)
from Beyond 8

Enrol Immediately

Integrated Special Education Services
from ELINA

Enrol Immediately



The application will be made available shortly. Please check back on 10 Feb, 2020.

TALES ( Talk About Learning and Education in Schools): 

On 4 days every year, we hold discussions on the future of learning and education in schools. These are open to the public. The last one was on 01 Dec 2018. Please click here to know more.


If all you want to do is appear for Examinations offered by Cambridge Assessments International Education (CAIE) from our Centre in Chennai, fill out our application form for private candidates.

The following Q&A and statement of purpose apply for both the day-scholar centre in Chennai and the residential centre in Kodaikanal hills.

Is HLC right for my child?

HLC Believes in:

  • A holistic approach to learning, combining the rigour of classroom learning with fun
  • Activity-based learning
  • Openness to explore new ways to teach and to learn.
  • Imparting classroom teaching using real life applications as examples.
  • Following such policies and practices that would make sure that the children blossom into responsible, critically thinking, confident adults later in life
  • Inclusion and development of social skills.
  • Providing a measurable assessment of every child’s development.

Read the section on “Is HLC Right for My Child?” to understand why it is known as a place of “Learning Without Limits”.

Listed below are some questions we’ve been frequently asked. Click on them to see our responses. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, email us at comm AT headstartschool DOT org

What must I include along with my child's application?

Ensure that the form is filled out completely. Include your child’s Transfer Certificate, Performance Report, Birth Certificate, and two photographs along with the application. Note that applications not accompanied by documentary evidence (both the ones requested by us or others needed as proof, but not asked)  will not be reviewed.

Is there an application fee?

Yes, there is an application fee. It will be collected when the application form is issued at the school. For those who fill the application form online, the fee will be charged when the applicant is requested to visit our Centre for a discussion.

To which address must I send the application?

Mail your application to HLC’s address:

HLC International

Wing Haven Gardens,
Karanai, Chennai,
Chennai – 600130.

What is the minimum-age requirement for PREKG?

Children must be three years old to be considered for PreKG. Also, they must be toilet trained.

From what time to what time does HLC operate?

Classes 1 to 12 attend from 8.45 a.m to 3.25 p.m.

PreKG, LKG, & UKG attend from 8.45 a.m to 12:30 p.m.

Is breakfast and lunch provided by HLC?

NO, children bring their own snacks and lunch. Parents are advised to send what the child normally eats only, not more. Non Vegetarian food cannot be brought to our Centre.

Can I come to your Centre and meet the Principal and some teachers?

Yes, please call and get an appointment to visit our Centre. Our Admissions Coordinator will show you around the campus and introduce you to the Centre. If you wish to meet the Principal, please make a request for it at least 2 days before you visit us.

Parents of HLC, please register for [email protected] by writing to tuesdays AT headstartschool DOT org. It is a half day at HLC getting to know our centre and also what a day at HLC is like for the children.


What is the fee structure?

The fee structure is NOT available online, you may seek it when you visit our Centre or over the phone.

We believe that an applicant must know first hand how we function and for this reason, applicants are requested to visit us, see how classes are conducted, interact with the teachers and students and then if HLC is right for him/her, the fee structure may be sought.

Is the fee refundable?

No, the fee paid is non-refundable. We offer seats to candidates on the assumption that they are going to continue studying at Headstart, and if for any reason their seats are not taken, there will be no refund of the fee paid to the Centre.

How do I pay the fees?

In order to streamline administration and maintain transparency, HLC accepts online payments only. Use the following details for NEFT transfers -please include child’s name and grade in the remarks while instructing your bank to do the wire transfer. Please update your payment information on our parent-school gateway HLC Comm.

Name : Vidyothsahi Educational and Charitable Trust
Current Accnt No: 409000202812
The Ratnakar Bank Limited
Anand Business Centre, Old No.105 New No.56,
G.N. Chetty Road, T.Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600017
IFS : RATN0000113

NOTE: Parent of HLC, please transfer the fee ONLY to your children’s RBL Bank issued VA number and not to this account number provided here. Only then can we issue receipt immediately via Owl Comm.

Is there a scholarship available for those who cannot afford the fee?

Yes there is. Please reach out to our Admissions Coordinator and mention your need for scholarship and waiver of fees. You’ll need to complete our scholarship application form that can be sought at the time of your visit. Kindly note that waiver or scholarship require early notification and they cannot be accommodated after the school year commences. We must be notified in November of the preceding year in which admission is sought. This will allow us to plan, make the necessary accommodations and put in our best effort to offer admission.

Board Affiliation

To which board is the Centre affiliated?

HLC International [Registration Number IN842, Application Number: IN10061604] prepares students for the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint (5th Grade), Secondary 1 (8th Grade), IGCSE (10th Grade)[International General Certificate of Secondary Examination] and AS and A Levels (12th Grade) curriculum prescribed by Cambridge Assessment International Education [CAIE]. HLC is a CAIE registered examination centre. To know more about CAIE, visit

NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling)

Besides our affiliation to CAIE, we are also an AI (acredited Institution) affiliated to NIOS.

Cambridge Assessment International Education

HLC follows the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum from Grade 1 to Grade 12. The Centre has been coaching students for the IGCSE exams since 2007. Cambridge’s IGCSE is a meritorious exam that tests student’s aptitude, analytical skills and comprehension extensively. Information on IGCSE is available on Cambridge Assessment International Education website.

A common concern for students taking the IGCSE examination in India is if the IGCSE and A level certifications are recognised by Indian Universities. The Association of Indian Universities’ requirements for candidates taking the IGCSE and A level are: a minimum of 5 passes at the IGCSE level and 2 passes at the A levels. For admission to professional courses – medical/engineering, A level passes in Physics, Chemistry, Biology/ Mathematics and English are essential besides the 5 passes at IGCSE level. Please feel free to visit where at the bottom half of the page, this same information is available readily. The Association of India Universities recognises CAIE’s IGCSE and A Levels.
CAIE is the international division of University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES). UCLES is another UK-based academic qualifications awarding body, known for its professional, rigorous and high standard assessments.

Which IGCSE is better for my child?

From parents’ or students’ perspective, there is little difference between CAIE’s IGCSE and other IGCSE offerings, such as those offered by OCR, AQA, CCEA, or Edexcel. Some schools are accredited to CAIE alone while some others are accredited to more than one examination body. HLC is an examination centre coaching students as per Cambridge’s IGCSE.

More than the assessment body, parents need to think about which school or coaching Centre is better for their child’s overall development.

We are a learning centre; we focus on a lot more than the curriculum. We are in fact a Social Incubation Centre, and acquiring the knowledge and skills prescribed by CAIE or NIOS curriculum is only one of a many many things we facilitate in our Centre.

Consider HLC most of the words and phrases that follow are very important to you: playing sports with integrity, collaboration for common good, inclusion, empathy, leadership, teamworking, mearureable learning outcomes, social public problem solving, creativity, freedom, friendships…

Are IGCSE students eligible for CBSE/ICSE/Matriculation boards in the 11th grade?

Yes, students who have passed IGCSE are eligible for any +2 level qualification, like Class 12 CBSE/ ISC(ICSE) or any international pre-university programme, like the IB Diploma, Advanced Placement Diploma (US), and A/AS Level & AICE (UK).

Are IGCSE students eligible for under graduate studies in India?

Yes, students who have passed A/AS Level from CAIE are eligible for admission in most under graduate programs in the country. All India University also provides a equivalency certificate to students graduating from High School with a CAIE issued A Level certificate. Click here to find samples of Universities issuing letters confirming eligibility of A Level students in their undergraduate programs,

Eligibility Criteria for Under Graduate Studies in INDIA

We maintain a document listing the eligibility criteria put forth by Indian Universities in a public document.

What subject are offered at HLC at 10th Grade (IGCSE)?

We maintain a google document that answers this question. Please click here to view it.

What subjects are offered for Standard 11 and 12?

We maintain a google document that answers this question. Please click here to view it.

Mrs. Bindu Vasudevan and Mrs. Shobana Rajkumar

Admissions Coordinators
99628 05259 or
study AT headstartschool DOT org (our preference).
Note that admission applications sent to this address will not be reviewed. Please use it to clarify information we’ve provided here or seek admission related information we do not already provide on our website.