Learning Without Limits

We aim to provide our learners with a wide variety of opportunities and experiences to get a glimpse into the many directions in which their lives can go and to be excited by the diversity of choices they have. Our learners learn with freedom and fun, and explore multiple interests so their education leads them to live fulfilling lives, not just to prepare for examinations and careers alone.


Headstart Nursery and Primary School was founded on 20th of January, 1995 by Mrs. Sudha Mahesh and Mr. C.N.U Maheswaran. VECT Trust was established on 1st April 1997. She has been a Changemaker Educator since 1975. Headstart Nursery and Primary school was closed in 2009 and rebranded as Headstart Learning Centre, the Social Incubator in subsequent years under the leadership of Mr. Naveen Mahesh, and Mrs. Raaji Naveen.

We don't believe in preparing children. Others have failed miserably attempting it. What children and young learners require is being enabled, not prepared, to pursue their interests and passions. This is what we believe in and do really well.

The School

India's First

One of India's first Ashoka Changemaker Schools.

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From Learners That Are Enabled, Not Prepared

At HLC, it was not academic knowledge alone that I received. I received an education. I wasn’t taught Physics and History alone. I learnt tolerance, acceptance, teamwork and self-confidence. Though I’ve been to different schools both before and after, HLC will always be my school. Just like every other student, I was, am and always will be a proud Headstarter!

Yash Rajeshwar (Graduated 2009)

High School Teacher

I have studied in HLC since LKG and the school has played a vital role in building me from ground zero. Even after 14 years of the same place, I still can’t get enough of it – I’m in school so often even after graduating; it’s just because I can’t come to terms with the fact that my time here is up. At least as a student it is.My time in HLC has been extremely memorable and I would do it all over again if I got a chance to, without changing a thing! Signing off with a deep sense of gratitude.

Abhay Menon (Graduated 2019)

@ New York University

The thing with my school is that it pours rains of opportunity down at us constantly in the hope that at one point, the student sheds the fear of getting soaked wet and begins to raise her hands to catch the rain. That’s when people like me learn to embrace life and grow. By the end of the school life in HLC, you’d discover who you are and that is the greatest gift anyone can receive.

Laya Shankar (Graduated 2019)

@ Symbiosis University

The support extended by the HLC family has been tremendous – especially evident during the last two years of AS and A level curriculum, which is quite deep and demanding. The camaraderie with teachers and others at HLC is such that he never felt like missing even a day of school. Even after passing out of HLC, he continues to be engaged with the school in different initiatives – thanks to HLC for providing these ‘off curriculum’ opportunities for the students to polish other aspects of their personality.

Anita and Unni

Proud Parents of HLC (posted in June 2019)