Bus Routes

(applicable to our Chennai centre ONLY. The centre in Kodai hills is residential)

All the bus routes, the contact details and timings are listed here for your convenience. Should you need any assistance, please feel free to write to our Administrative Officer, Mr. Ravivarman at [email protected]

Coverage Area

NOTE: This is applicable only to our Chennai centre. The centre in Kodai Hills is residential.

The buses operated by us (in Chennai) will serve most homes in the area shown, and not serve those living outside this boundary.

Pickup locations

We try and offer the service upto the most commonly convenient locations for everyone availing the service. HLC offered transport service is optional, not compulsory.

For New Applicants

Please note that buses do go a lot longer than the shown boundary, however, the children that avail this service from outside the boundary are children of patrons, learning at our centres for many years.

We consider new applicants outside this boundary only from Grades 6 and above. Please write to [email protected] if you would to know if the service may be availed from your home.