HLC's Theory of Learning With Understanding

Learning is a complicated interplay of several factors. Every learner needs an adaptive learning environment. There are many opportunities to improve learning outcomes for students in a school situation, yet, not all of them can be identified by human intuition alone. This requires a deliberate study of student’s capabilities through a thorough analysis. Students do our workouts and we do the rest.


As early as 2006, the idea formed at our school that we must enable children to acquire clear and precise cognitive skills besides comprehending the curriculum. When it began, our Director, Mr. Naveen Mahesh, did a pilot across 25 schools in Chennai to understand what children were learning from a curriculum. Upon realising that too much of today’s focus within school education is on comprehending the curriculum, we initiated gathering cognitive data from student assessments. 2 sets of papers were created for every learner at HLC and their cognitive performance was recorded on one of them. Over time, this was exported to MS Excel to identify and analyse patterns in student performances.

We are now offering an individualised learning App (on Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore) that offers learning workouts and individual assessments. The workouts are created based on the learner’s learning profile. It is currently offered to many IGCSE schools across the country and also in the UK.